Simple Discord Bot written in with a few diffrent features.


Helpful Commands

v!help - Gets a list of the Bot's usable commands.

v!ping - Checks the bot latency.

v!info - Gets a bit of information of the bot.

v!invite - Sends a Invite Link to the bot.

v!changelog - Sees the recent changes of the Bot.

Fun Commands

v!8ball - Let the magical 8 Ball Predict.

v!rate - Rate something/someone.

v!emojify - When place text is not enough.

v!hack - Hack people. (Information displayed is random and is not real)

v!coinflip - Flip a coin!

v!uwu - UwUfies text of youw choice. (why did i make this)

v!say - Let the bot do the talking.

v!embed - Make a nice little embed.

Misc Commands

v!userinfo - Get information about a specfic user.

v!serverinfo - Get information about the current server.

v!avatar - Look at a User's Avatar.

v!covid - Get information about COVID-19 in a country or world wide. Stay Safe out there ^^


Velocity was made by Optimal for fun and eventually started being active with the development of the bot.

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